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Forging Relationships with Trust, Financing Innovation with Confidence

No obstacles, mediators or middlemen. Gain direct access to our vast network of successful investors and industry experts.

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Will my project be suitable?

At Prospereo, we welcome great ideas from all walks of life. All submissions are carefully reviewed by our team with special attention given to the following: alternative energy, oil & gas deep processing, environmental development, emerging technologies, chemical industry, biomedicine innovation and pharmaceuticals.
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What do I get as a partner?

Direct access to our exclusive network. Meet with investors, in-person, after six months of partnership. Security assurance through KYC Processing. A comprehensive pre-investment audit & Due Diligence adherence. Risk Management Analysis to safeguard your great idea. Preparatory & assessment services to optimize your Business Plan. Click to learn more.

How much will it cost me?

Subscribe for $30 per month for commercial licensees and $35 per month for individuals with discounted yearly rates of $300/$350. Lifetime subscription is offered at $850/commercial or $950/individual as a one-time fee. Payments are made using approved methods through our secure online payment portal once your application has been accepted. Click to learn more.

What type of projects are we most interested in?

Sustainable Infrastructure

  • Transportation, highlighting clean and sustainable modes, multimodal systems, road safety, and the ongoing maintenance and rejuvenation of rail and road infrastructure.
  • Energy, with a specific emphasis on renewable sources, energy efficiency, and building retrofitting initiatives aimed at conserving energy. Additionally, the incorporation of buildings into an interconnected energy network, encompassing storage, digital technologies, and transportation systems to enhance energy infrastructure connectivity.
  • Digital connectivity and accessibility including in rural areas
  • Management and utilization of raw materials, land, water, water bodies (including inland waterways), and waste disposal adhering to waste hierarchy principles and circular economy practices.
  • Natural and environmental infrastructure, among other ecological systems.
  • Cultural legacy and the promotion of tourism.
  • Equipment, mobile resources, and the implementation of innovative technologies supporting the EU’s objectives for environmental resilience and social sustainability, while adhering to the EU’s standards in these areas.

Research, ingenuity, and digital transformation

  • Exploration, product enhancement, and innovative initiatives.
  • Transfer of technologies and research findings to the marketplace, bolstering market facilitators and fostering collaboration among businesses.
  • Showcasing and implementing pioneering solutions, aiding the expansion of innovative firms, and advancing the digitalization of EU industries.

We Work for You and With You

The process of securing investment funds for your great idea can be arduous. We, like you, understand the challenge of creating a compelling business plan. When faced with calculating your aspirations in numbers, ensuring the specs of your idea are feasible, and considering the most impactful approach to your presentation, we’ve been there. In fact, it’s our personal experiences as enthusiastic entrepreneurs and bold businessman/woman in pursuit of capital, just like you, that have encouraged us to establish this company.

Think of us as your ally with insider information, a team of knowledgeable professionals with fingers on the ever-fluctuating industry pulse who know exactly how to gain you appeal in the eyes of our partnered investors. We believe great minds deserve great opportunities and we’re passionate about enabling successful outcomes.  


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Completed Projects


Clients & Partners

Solutions to Serve Your Best Interests

We pride ourselves on prioritizing our clients in every way, so we’ve put in the work on behalf of ambitious forward thinkers like you and pre-assembled a reliable global network of eager investors. With our trusted circle of stakeholders already in place, it means you can stress less and expect more, knowing your business venture or startup enterprise already has an audience waiting.  

Every great idea is entirely unique and requires personalized investment solutions that we’re confident our services approach comprehensively. Your approved Prospereo application gains you access to indispensable programs that ready your pitch for investor review. We offer professional services to revise and refine your presentation for a final product worthy of finance. With 30+ years of industry application and proven experience in helping business startups succeed, trust us to know how to maximize your efforts and motivate investors. Our services include: 


What’s the first step?

Simply apply to become a partner by clicking on any ‘Apply Now’ button on our website. 

Why become a partner?

A partnership with Prospereo is an innovative one. One in which you get more value for your money, your journey is guided and perfected every step of the way, and one that offers the unique experience of coming face-to-face with the men/women who believe in your success and are willing to help you achieve it. Being a member guarantees you the opportunity to meet with investors in-person after six months of paid partnership. These meetings will occur annually between May 20th – October 10th, and will be discussed further with you by your assigned representative.

What are the benefits?

Like an editor helps perfect a book for a superb literary experience, we are a team of professionals who know how to best present your assets and impress your designated audience. The benefits of our comprehensive preparatory services increase the chances you will receive project funding and prime your project for valuation by a greater audience. Seasoned investors can spot a successful idea like a diamond in the rough. We’re your polishing service.

How does the application process work?

Once you have accessed the ‘Apply Now’ portal, a new page will open where you will be asked a few introductory questions to determine your initial eligibility. If you successfully complete the questionnaire, you advance to the next stage of the application process. You will then be asked to provide personal and contact information on a protected form and will be given the opportunity to upload your business roadmap including any relevant supporting documents. This could include helpful infographics and other files that demonstrate your project’s viability. Once this step of the application process is complete, your information will be transmitted directly to a member of our team for final review. You will be contacted via the email address provided in your application of our final decision on your candidacy.

If my application is accepted, what happens next?

If you have received an email confirming your project’s eligibility for our services, it means the industry experts reviewing your proposed business venture or startup enterprise see promise in what you have presented. At this point, to access our range of preparatory services including KYC Processing, Business Plan Assessment, Pre-Investment Audit, and Risk Management Analysis, you will be directed to a secure payment portal where payment for services must be made. Once your payment has been processed, you will receive email confirmation and our industrious team will get to work optimizing your submission, preparing your great idea for investor consideration. 

How long does it take to review my application?

We take the investment of your time and energy seriously, and understand the fatigue of anxious waiting, which is why we’re committed to communicating our next steps within 48 hours of receiving your application. You will receive an email communication where you will learn the status of your submission and eligibility for our services.  

What’s the cost?

The cost to access our range of valuable preparatory services is either through a monthly or yearly subscription plan, or a one-time fee. Our plans are priced at $30 per month or $300 per year if you hold a commercial license, $35 per month or $350 per year for an individual. Alternatively you can pay a one-time fee of $850 (commercial licensees) or $950 (individual). All of these methods would be paid upon the acceptance of your application. Payments can be made using approved debit or credit cards or other approved methods through our secure online payment portal. Email confirmation is received when your payment has been successfully processed. No commission is assessed with your debit or credit card usage. Exchange rates are based on current market values. 

Can I pay for your services even if my application did not pass the review process?

Unfortunately, not at this time. If your application did not pass the review process, you are not currently eligible to access our preparatory services. If you have submitted your project or idea with supporting documents through our online form, you will receive email notification of our decision to not proceed within 48 hours. 

How is my money used?

Your money is used to pay for the optimization of your submission in ways that will maximize the appeal of your project to our membership of global investors. Much in the same way a non-profit organization might pay a grant writer to help them improve their chances of being awarded available grants, we offer a similar service within the realm of investment banking. Your money covers the cost of time and energy invested by our team to ensure your great idea encapsulates meritorious potential.  
Your money is also used for Know Your Client (KYC) Processing, which verifies your identity to prevent any criminal activity and helps our financial stakeholders better understand their investment risk before committing any funds. KYC Processing is essential in maintaining industry standards and allows our investors to feel more comfortable with and confident in their investment opportunities- which is great news for you. 

How long will it take to receive funding?

If your project has passed through our application process and you have successfully paid for our services, it means we feel your great idea shows great promise. While we are confident through our industry experience that your business venture or startup enterprise is deserving of capital investment, we cannot guarantee a timeline in which you will receive project funding.  

What we do guarantee is that you will be given further options after 6 months from the time your application is approved if you have not been granted funding through our network of investors.

What happens if I have paid the application fee, but my project is not funded?

While we do our best to perfect the presentation of your proposed business venture or startup enterprise, not always will it find favor within our investor network. There is no guarantee a non-profit organization will be awarded grant money when they have completed the written appeal. There is no guarantee a book will sell no matter how well it is written. We can’t offer you guarantees, but we can offer you a copy of the work we’ve done to take elsewhere if our investors didn’t connect with your great idea this time around. 

If I am not happy with the service provided after 6 months time, what are my options?

Once your project has been reviewed, your application has been approved and your payment has cleared, we ask that you provide us with a minimum of 6 months to work our magic. In this time, a member of our team will be assigned to oversee our investor outreach efforts and they will communicate with you regularly regarding our progress. We may adjust your presentation to suit any number of new investors, so time is a crucial commodity in terms of what we can achieve. If after 6 months our efforts have not yet been successful you can: 

  • Choose to withdrawal your application and keep the work we have done. Simply email your designated liaison to terminate our ongoing investor appeal. You will receive an email response confirming your request and a communication concluding our partnership. We’d be sad to see you go, so we strongly suggest the following option instead. 
  • Give us the gift of more time. Our global network of investors is constantly expanding, which means new opportunities are just a connection away. Once we have endorsed your great idea, we will do what it takes to find it suitable funding. Your payment lasts forever, as does our commitment to you, even if it means approaching investors outside of our designated global network on your behalf.

What happens if my application is rejected?

If your application did not pass at any stage of our client onboarding process, please don’t give up. Perhaps your business roadmap needs a little tweaking, or the overall concept requires some refinement. Based on our experience, the pursuit of success often requires revision. 

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